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At Concord Public School students have the opportunity to participate in the Italian language program. This may also mean working  on their skills in language learning, using technology, in our computer lab.

Learning Italian

Lessons cover a range of themes and topics such as: animals, weather, food, family, transport, housing, school, emotions, hobbies and contemporary life in Italy. Students are encouraged to reflect on their own culture and language, make connections, compare and contrast their life with life in Italy.

The lessons immerses students in Italian through instructions, reading stories, viewing and listening activities, and builds the students' comprehension and confidence.

Students are encouraged to speak in Italian and apply their learning in a number of situations and activities such as role play, dialogue, performance, singing with actions, reciting and games. Computers and iPads are used in our workshops for listening exercises, games and other language activities.


Learning Italian at Concord PS



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